To celebrate healthy living, we will be having an amazing competition called VG Biggest Loser!

Just submit your details below and be entered to win cash prizes and become a healthier you!

90 Day Winner Cash Prize: $1,000

30 Day Progress Winners: $200

Fill out the form below to be entered into the VG Biggest Loser Competition!

Submit Your "Before" Pictures!

For your pictures, please use the following tips to be considered for judging:

  • Take the picture near a large window for indirect light if possible.
  • Do not touch up or digitally alter the photos in any way, including using Instagram filters.
  • Pull your hair back from your face for the best images.
  • Make sure the photos are clear and show appropriate detail.
  • Wear the same outfit that you plan to wear for your "After" picture!
  • A Required Front View means a picture where you are facing the camera so that we can see your smile! (See example below)
  • Side View means a picture taken while facing to the side from the camera.  These are optional but always recommended!

All pictures submitted will be stored securely and only accessible to the VG Biggest Loser Judges.  If you are chosen as a winner, your picture may be used to announce your win on our private Facebook Group.  Pictures may be blurred in certain areas at our discretion.

Front and Side View Examples:

Please give it a minute when you hit Submit for your files to upload!